Soldiers & Sailors' September Tabletop Gamers


Playing tabletop gaming/ miniature games using representative terrain game boards and miniature military figures.


Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum

Date & Time

September 24, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Join Soldiers & Sailors Tabletop Gamers 
Saturday, September 24, 2022, 10AM – 4PM
to learn the military connection to the phrase
"a bridge too far."

Play games about Operation Market-Garden, whose final objective was the Rhine bridge at Arnhem.


It is now called the John Frost Bridge in memory of that failed operation.


Soldiers & Sailors Tabletop Gamers Is

Inviting Interested Gamers: 

●Ages 10 and up  
No Experience Necessary 
●Play historical board games (think Stratego) and/or 
   miniatures war games in keeping with the museum’s mission.

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Military and Veterans admitted FREE!

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What is Tabletop Gaming?


Tabletop gaming is played on a table with physical pieces, as opposed to video/computer games.


Includes both board games with playing pieces (for example, Stratego) and miniature games.


Tabletop gaming/ Miniature games use representative terrain game boards and miniature military figures.

Typically, each game day will feature specific, easy-to-learn games.


 Cost  to attend is regular museum admission:

Adults $15

Seniors (55+) $10

Children (5-17) $5

College Students with valid student ID $5

Military and Veterans Free

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Thanks to our Soldiers & Sailors Tabletop Gamers.

Things are getting intense! Take a look!


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